The Team

SGU's team is comprised of seasoned professionals from premier management and technology consulting organizations. SGU Consulting is committed to excellence and creating innovative, flexible solutions.

Miles Ramboyong - Founding Principal
Miles has more than 15 years of experience in IT consulting. He has deep experience in IT strategy, project management and infrastructure architecture. Prior to founding SGU, he has worked with top consulting firms including CACI, CGI, Accenture, PWC and KPMG. Miles holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Radford University as well as Technical Certifications from George Mason University.

Dan Pereira - Senior A/V Engineer Partner
Dan is proficient in both basic and advanced computer, audio, video, and surveillance system functions and has extensive experience in Home Theater design. Dan has worked with such high-end companies as Harvey Electronics, Meridian and Bang & Olufsen. He offers effective and innovative solutions to various audio/video needs, while maintaining an organized, safe on-site environment.

Tarcela Knight - Project Manager
Tarcela has 10 years professional experience working in Homeland Security, Department of Defense, the Department of Interior, and U.S. Geological Survey working on a variety of projects in the areas of strategic communications, program management, information technology, and capital planning. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication from George Mason University.

Arturo Civit - Senior Web Specialist
With a vast knowledge of programming languages including PHP, CSS, xHTML, Flash, JavaScript, WordPress CMS and eCommerce trends, Arturo is able to develop and implement dynamic Web designs while using an imaginative, "outside-the box" approach. He is experienced in coordinating Web design and architecture, considering current trends in web use as well as marketing and communications functions in order to attend to the needs of targeted website audiences. By establishing a clear line of client communication, Arturo is able to grasp the intended vision and translate ideas to the web.

Eric Rodriguez – Senior Account Manager
Eric's expertise, combined with attention to emerging trends, gives him the ability to migrate older and newer legacy systems. He holds a degree in Computer Operations and several key certifications, including Comp TIA Network +, Comp TIA A+ and MCTS Win 7. Eric's technological experience is based both in research and implementation, enabling him to support complex network and computer configurations.

Charles Bourdet - Senior Account Manager
Charles has been tearing apart and rebuilding both PCs and Macs since 1999. He holds a degree in Computer Technology and several key certifications, including Comp TIA A+, IBM and Apple.

Amedeo Moscato - System Engineer
Amedeo has come aboard as our newest technical consultant. After receiving his first computer at 15, he was enthralled with learning about the machine and its complexities. He has since become A+ certified and gained over 10 years of experience as a computer consultant. Amedeo is a true people-person, and his extensive customer service experience is an asset to our team.

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