Audio Video Installation and Home Automation

Whether you’ve just bought a new flat screen TV for your home or need to implement remote temperature control for your office server room, SGU is a smart home integrator in addition to being an audio video installation company. We are here to support all of your electronic needs. Our qualified consultants not only install your A/V equipment, but we also provide overall design insight to help you optimize your setup. Our music and video integration, security systems and customized design and installation services all work to help you achieve a truly powerful home or board room experience.

What we do?

Home theatre installation

Setting up your home theatre can involve more than just wall-mounting your TV. We handle things like component and cable concealment in addition to configuring online entertainment streaming. We help you see and hear the big picture – without all the distractions.


Imagine one system playing music in several locations. Wouldn’t it be great to listen to more than one style of music in more than one room? With different zones, you can create a unique experience in each room while centrally controlling the music. Let your friends, family and guests here more than just great conversation.

All-in-one remote

In most households, 3 different remote controls manage the TV, DVD player and/or cable box. With stereo components mixed in the same drawer, finding the right remote can be near impossible. SGU Consulting is an audio video company that makes it simple. Though we offer various programming options, our one-touch programming allows you to press a single button to just “watch TV.” If you want to watch a DVD, one button can make the magic happen without worrying about what input needs to be selected on the TV. Technology is so simplified even your mother-in-law will be able to work it.

High end audio consultation

Clients ask us what they should do with their CDs or records. Yes, many people still have LPs, which music connoisseurs prefer in order to maintain the high quality and integrity of the song. We will consult with you on how to convert and play back your music. You should be able to keep your music and enjoy it for years to come.

Lighting and temperature control

There is more a remote control can do than just change the channel on your TV – our automation options give you the power to dim the lights or cool off the temperature when things heat up. Whether it’s in your home or your office, we give you the power to control the room conditions from the palm of your hand.

Conference/board room configuration

The conference room is where ideas take form and take flight. SGU consulting is an audio video installation company that can lay out and set up your conferencing equipment. These are paramount to keeping your business on course. From choosing the right projector to positioning connections and securing the right bandwidth for video conferencing, we help set you up for success.

Security and intercoms

These days, it seems like everyone is watching. You, too, can have the capability of securing your work and/or living space. With cameras set up that stream over the web, you can have eyes watching no matter where you are in the world. Internet cameras give you the capability to record several hours of footage without having to replace tapes. It’s a secure piece of technology for a secure peace of mind.

Wireless PC music players

Today, clients are storing hundreds to thousands of music files on their computer. Whether you’re using iTunes, RealPlayer, Foobar2000, or Songbird, the trick is to be able to play your insane collection of great music through your audio system. Your audio files shouldn’t be limited to just an iPod or computer, they should be played everywhere. Learn how to share your music files or music services such as XM, Sirius and Pandora in different rooms. Why limit your listening? The beauty of wireless technology is that it’s expandable.

Gaming components

Devices like Xbox and PlayStation are great gaming consoles – allowing you to enter and engage in different worlds. They all function better when you’re able to play online, and the experience gets even better when you can play through your home theatre. Have your gaming console set up so you’re engulfed in the full experience. Don’t pass up an opportunity to be a true gamer, if only in your living room.

Wireless and offsite management

The beauty of having a smart home is being able to control automated devices within the home from anywhere. With certain wireless technologies, we help you control and manage settings in your home or office from a remote location. Our audio video installation services give you the ultimate power and accessibility.