Customized Computer Training

Are you interested in learning how to maximize your computer? How about fully utilizing your Microsoft Office? SGU Consulting is a New York IT Training company that offers both on-site computer training and customized online courses, specifically designed to translate technology into everyday terms.

How do we do it?

On Site

Whether you need help upgrading software or learning how to use a new camera, SGU technical experts will walk you through your own personal tutorial. Training is not limited to computers – become acquainted with any number of audio/visual devices and components. With the patience, expertise and friendliness of our staff, your session will be rewarding and enjoyable.


Using our Course Management Systems (CMS) software, you can take customized online courses with great instructors, an excellent learning environment, and 100% hands-on training. We are a New York IT Training company that is based on your needs and expectations. Every client has different needs, so each course focuses on what you want to learn – whether you want to create a simple Word document or intend to code animation for a website.

SGU web applications allow you to learn online, on your own time. With access to the Internet, our team works with students to create a customized online course using web tools. The tools enable us to share material, participate in online discussions and chats, give quizzes and surveys, gather and review assignments, and record grades. Our services are aimed at making your course effective.

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