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Thinking about scrapping your analog phone line and long distance charges? SGU Consulting is a leading VoIP service provider in New York that can save you big bucks on your calls while also serving up additional features. VoIP means mobility and scalability for your business – with online access to your whole system, you can manage your setup from anywhere.


How will my system operate?

With a hosted voice platform, you use your Internet line to make phone calls. You can have as many extensions as you like over a single connection, eliminating the need for bulky equipment. Unlike traditional systems which require reconfiguring the PBX and even rewiring when an employee changes desks, VoIP uses its MAC address to connect to the server and make the change automatic. If you’re a small business with employees on the go, this system may be right for you.

How much will it cost?

Because VoIP systems use Internet lines, you don’t face the charges you would on an analog phone. VoIP systems actually save you money by relying on the Internet rather than an expensive dedicated network. You can customize your plan to include domestic or even international unlimited calling at the low price of a single Internet connection. We’ll find the right setup and plan for your business and your wallet.

How will it help my business?

With unlimited scalability options, VoIP phone systems are built for business growth. Extensions are easy to add and call forwarding, voicemail access and many other settings can all be managed by you online. Digital phone numbers will allow your company to be in any location without having an established office (the phones register with a central server). And if you need to move your operating location, you can – without changing your phone number, transferring lines or moving bulky equipment. VoIP phones give you the power to do business anywhere with minimal hassle.

What if something goes wrong?

As a leading VoIP service provider in New York, if there’s ever a problem, you don’t have to worry. SGU Consulting will be there for you 24/7 with tech support. And if you ever need to switch providers, we’ll make it easy.

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