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You need a great website, and you may have some questions on how to create one. SGU is a New York Web Design Company that merges customer insight with brand awareness to create a website that drives traffic and converts leads.

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What is the Purpose?

Before starting the web design and development process, there is one important question you should ask yourself: “What is the purpose of the website?” Is it merely informational, or is it going to be used for e-commerce? Will you be marketing for web presence only or selling products and/or services? We help you build a unique website for your purpose, which in turn helps you rise above your competition.

How will I manage it?

SGU is a New York Web Design Company that gives you flexible options in how your site is updated and maintained. We give you the option to update it yourself or to have us manage it for you. If you choose to take the reins, we create a Content Management System (CMS) for easy access and updates. Share the management with others or manage it solo – we leave it up to you.

How much it will cost?

Once you’ve decided what the purpose of your website will be, the next step is determining a price for your website, as designs vary greatly. Like most purchases, everything starts with a budget and the more information you’ve collected, the easier it will be to create your perfect site. We help you weigh your budget against your ROI; opting for certain strategic features may increase your profits and put you ahead of the pack.

What will it look like?

The most challenging piece is the design—we want to merge our insight with your style to get the exact aesthetic and feel you want. The design includes the color scheme, images used, typeface, possible animations, and layout. The design will dictate how your target audience will perceive you, so your site should reflect your personality! In the end, both pieces – website design and development – will be key to creating your ideal site.

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